Why the ‘battler’?

I picked up this name sometime when I was living in Sydney around the age of 21-22, yet I’m not exactly sure where the origins of the nickname come from. It has seemed to stick with me no matter where I have been since though, even if I have tried to pass it onto fellow friends or teammates.

What are some of the things that define a battler?

  • Filling your car up with petrol when it is a diesel
  • Jumping into the passenger seat in Poland when you’re the only one in the car as it drives on the opposite side to Oz
  • locking yourself out of the car or house, more than once or twice
  • forgetting your football boots for training or a game
  • setting your alarm to pm instead of am and just getting into training in the nick of time or slightly late
  • setting your alarm to wake up for an international flight, but in reminders, with your mobile on silent
  • driving 4.5 hours and arriving at the hotel only to find out that you booked for the following weekend and nothing else is available, as there’s a huge event on that weekend (which is why you are there in the first place)

These are only some of the things that define a battler, and they seem to happen to myself on a regular occurrence. I’ve always been mystified as to why it’s the little things I struggle with in life, yet major obstacles and hurdles I seem to overcome with greater ease.