This blog will talk about my status as a stay at home father and how I handle that challenge, my transition from being a professional rugby player into the next chapter of my life and how I handle that, my travels and most likely the occasional gem from my old man having a go at me about something, as he tends to do.

I have always enjoyed writing, not that I’d want to write a book or anything as I don’t think I’d have the patience. I wrote a few articles for the local Dubbo newspaper, the Daily Liberal, and the one in Bathurst where I went to boarding school, the Western Advocate. I received some great feedback from these and found people to be genuinely interested in hearing different perspectives about games, training and travel that they generally don’t get from traditional media articles. Hopefully I can continue to do the same with this.

I also hope to be open with the challenges and emotions that I will face during this transition. Hopefully it will be beneficial for fellow players who are going through this, know they will be going through it soon or recently have and can relate to what they are reading. In saying that, hopefully by expressing this openly it will also encourage other men, who aren’t professional athletes to express their emotions to someone as well. Too many men I know have made the decision they can no longer handle the situation they find themselves in. It’s time we start to believe that we can be comfortable expressing ourselves without fear of being labelled and bottling it up. No one wins when that happens. No one.