Pint of Goose anyone?

It amazes me the number of businesses that I walk into in Dubbo and when I purchase something they fail to ‘up-sell’ anything else to me.

You may now be wondering what an up-sell is?

An up-sell is simply getting that same customer, whilst purchasing the product or service that they are at the time to buy something additional, more expensive or a larger portion or size or package.


Getting someone to buy something is the hard part, getting someone to buy something, once they are already purchasing, to buy something additional is quite easy.


There must be something in it, because McDonalds, the big golden arches are renowned for ensuring their staff ALWAYS upsell. Try going into McDoanlds and asking just for a burger.

Would you like fries with that?
Would you like a drink with that?

Would you like to make that a large for only…..


Once upon a time McDonalds, and maybe even still do have in place, a policy where if you were caught 3 times without upselling to customers, you no longer found yourself working on the cash register.


Simply offering your customers an additional product, or upsizing can have a huge impact on your profits, and all at a cost of… a simple question.


There is a beer on tap at the Commercial called ‘The Goose’, which is an Indian Pale Ale from Chicago in the US. This beer comes with it’s own branded Pint glass. It’s a novelty, as is the tap which catches everyone’s eye with a gooses head on it.


So far this year I’ve had about 60-80 people ask for a schooner of ‘the Goose’. I always point out that the Goose actually comes in a Goose branded pint glass and would they like to get a pint instead?


The number of people that have said yes? All but 1. He actually only asked for a middie, so I thought that was probably going to be a tough sell, even for me. I think he was a Victorian anyway.


A schooner of the Goose costs $7.20. A pint? $9.

So by simply explaining that it comes in a branded pint and asking the question whether they would like to try it in a pint, at a minimum of 60 I’ve increased those sales by $108.

For asking a question.


Some take a second to consider it but it doesn’t take much to get them over the line.

  • It’s meant to be pretty good
  • It’s the weekend, treat yourself
  • You wont regret it
  • Everyone goes the pint


The majority of them come back for another one too, and if they do, they always go the pint again!


Little things such as this can make a huge difference to your bottom line, and as a business owner, it’s simply putting dollars in your back pocket.


Are you upselling in your business? Whether you are selling products or services?

Everyone has something they can up-sell, even if it is someone else’s product or service.


I am actually running a seminar next Monday the 23rdof April at the Commercial, from 6 O’clock which will go through the Action Coach 5 ways on how to increase profits by 61%.
The CEO of Action Coach Australia will also be in attendance so it will be a great opportunity to find out how to increase more profits but also get a better understanding of what Action Coach is all about.



Next time you are in the Commercial, come in and say hello to the new owner, local boy Ben Lawler and grab a pint of Goose and tell me what you think!

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