Day 33-36 of the Euro trip.

It’s 4 hours from Galway to our ferry port and we arrive there 5 and a 1/2 hours after departing after grabbing some lunch at a pub on the way.

The ferry doesn’t take off til 6 but it’s 5 by the time we drive into the ferry.

We take the kids and a few things up to the cabin before I do a second dash back to the car for more items and bags.

Bit of walking around the ship and of course we go to the kids play area. Although our kids are trying to spend more time out of it than in it, as there’s no gate to keep the little buggers in.

Dinner is…? Leftovers.

Then we head back to the room. I duck out to go and have a quick dinner as the previous feed was not suffice for myself.

Ewelina and I are hoping the kids sleep like they did on the ferry to Rotterdam and back where it was only due to the announcement that they woke up. This won’t be the case as we don’t arrive until 2.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. 1 up at 6:15, followed immediately by the 2nd and so now everyone is up.

Brekky at the restaurant which is reasonably priced this time thankfully and everyone is fed. Back to kids play area before we all head back to cabin and have a sleep. Our wakes up so I take her back to the play area and a few hours later we are joined by Ewelina and Tanami.

2:30 we have gone through passport control and are making our way to ‘Tours’ as it’s a stopover on our way to Pau. Pull up to hotel and get to our room at 7:30, half an hour later and there’s a knock on our door. We are informed we must keep the kids noise down. Good luck with that in thinking!

Big tantrums but we finally get them down.

Next morning pack car and straight onto the road. As we are leaving Tours see a cafe selling baguettes and paninis. Oh wow, so good to be back in France. Amazing!

Kids are both sleeping and Ori is on a deep sleep so we decide to kick on whilst she is. Tanami is easy to keep entertained with Fireman Sam on the screen but Ori is not the same way inclined. Punch out 4 hours before we decide it’s time to pull up.

Pull up at this service centre that has a great playground and outdoor area. Kids both have a good run around. Over an hour and it’s back into the car. Only an hour and a half left. But there’s another toll! We have paid almost 65€ worth of tolls since being in France! 65€!!!

Finally arrive and the kids have had enough of being in the car. Great to see Benny Mowen and his family. His wife Lauren has just opened a cafe with the wife of former All Black Colin Slade so they’ve both got a fair bit of news.

They duck off for an hour to a Halloween party with their 3 beautiful kids and we get ours sorted and bathed.

Their little girl is 1 month older than Ori and absolutely adorable, little boy is 3 and Tanami and him constantly locking horns and their eldest is 5 and such a sweetie and very helpful too.

Few beers catching up on news with Benny but it’s not a late one as I’m exhausted.

Next day Benny is our tour guide and shows us around Pau as Lauren is at the cafe. We go into the cafe which is modelled on an Aussie/Kiwi style of cafe. Aussies and Kiwis have a great reputation for coffee internationally. I love the cafe and the coffee.

We do a bit more walking around the beautiful town square and the Boulevard where there are amazing views of the French Pyrenees. This is one of, if not the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Ewelina and I both fall in love with the place.

Head back to the house after the exploring and allow the kids to go mad running around. I interview Benny for my podcast and ask him why he left to go play in France after being the Wallabies captain at the time, how he’s finding France in terms of the rugby and also the lifestyle.

That night we head out for dinner kid free and get a babysitter. They take us to a beautiful French restaurant and do the ordering for us. I wasn’t disappointed at all with the food, was spot on. Although my steak which was meant to be cooked medium well came out closer to rare than medium, but when in Rome!

Next day Lauren has got a few errands and jobs to do before she goes to work at 1, and Benny gets home from training just before she heads off and has got a meeting himself that afternoon so we experience what it would be like to have 5 kids. Exhausting!

That afternoon we go for another walk around the town centre, I can’t get over it being November and at 6pm I’m still wearing just a shirt. As the sun is setting there are some magical views of the Pyrenees again and we also go and check out the Chalet or castle up close.

Next day we load up the car and actually head back to the Boulevard just to see it one last time and get some photos. Tanami is very tired though and to say he was being difficult would be an understatement so we cut short the walk unfortunately and don’t get a coffee. Instead we are making our way to Agen…


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