Glasgow and Stirling Castle

Day 19-21 of the Euro trip.

I take the dogs for their 20 minute walk morning walk after giving Ewelina her birthday present and having a coffee.
We pack up our stuff and the house, which is a fairly big effort today as the kids have left the toys everywhere, especially in the Bothy.

After lunch and loading up the car I take the dogs for their afternoon walk, this one is generally about 30-40 mins. I get back, but unfortunately the kids are asleep, well Ori has just woken up but Tanami is still sleeping. But we need to get on the road ads I don’t want to be driving into Glasgow in peak hour traffic, trying to find where it is we are staying.


We get to our accommodation easy enough. We are staying in an old tenement flat, which I believe was accommodation provided by the council back in the door. Very sturdy, fine buildings that still look good.


It’s Ewelina’s birthday and so we decide to splash out on some Indian, which has been recommended to us by the landlord. We get a meal deal which costs us about $30 Oz dollars and there’s that much in there we barely touch the main dishes, so much so that we have it for dinner the following night.


Next day it’s a quick coffee with a mate I played with at Doncaster Knights, my most recent club. He had neck surgery that ended his season and still hasn’t been back playing yet. He’s found himself out in the wilderness too, without a contract at 25 years of age. It’s good to catch up with him, he’s a good man and determined. I give him my insight and advice on what I think he should do to get back to where he wants to be, as I was only about 12 months younger when I found myself in the same situation, back in the workforce but with real desire to get back to the top. Surprisingly, it’s really good coffee, and have found the coffee north of the border to be much better than that in the North of England.


See him off, grab the family and it’s off to Stirling to check out a very significant castle. Stirling Castle is not even an hour up the road. It’s one of the biggest and best preserved castles we have come across in our travels, the views it has, 360 degrees, are absolutely stunning, again.

We split the kids between us and go separate ways hoping to see as much of the castle as we can whilst the kids either sleep or behave. We actually lose each other for a good half an hour, a simple misunderstanding, before finding each other and having out ham and cheese rolls in the castle courtyard for lunch.


From the castle we head to the William Wallace memorial. We park at the base of the hill, catch a courtesy bus up to the monument, before realising there are around 250 steps to get to the top. Ewelina decides to stay at the bottom with the kids. 250 steps is about the most exercise I’ve done in about 6 months, the glutes are absolutely burning. I don’t know how we would have got the kids up there to be honest.


Finish up there before the quick dash back to Glasgow before rush hour traffic starts up again. Do a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on more feed for the trip the following day to Belfast.


I’ve decided not to push my luck and have booked the 1:30 ferry to Larne. I was hoping for the earlier one about 11:30, but I was concerned with the 2 hour road trip or family might not get there before check in. I think it was definitely the right decision.


2 hours later and we are in Northern Ireland. Another hour and we find ourselves in Belfast at our destination. We go for a quick walk around to get our bearings and we are a 3/4 minute walk to the Ulster Museum, which is exactly what I wanted.


Dinner that night is cous-cous and sausages cooked on the George Foreman, The George Foreman and slow cooker have been live savers. Have saved us so much time and energy.


Big few days coming up again with plenty of things to see and do on the sight seeing list!


Nb: Hasn’t been proofread.

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