St Boswell, Scottish Borders.

Day 16, 17 & 18 of the Euro trip.

It’s a slow start one again on Friday morning for the next leg of the Euro trip as I pack the car in light rain.


An hour down the road to our next destination is the highlands folk museum, an open air museum which I have had ticked off. Quite interesting to see the houses they had constructed that were used back in the day. Makes you wonder how they got by in those places. 3 rooms, 1 was for their animals and when it was winter there wouldn’t be a great deal of opportunities to get outside. No TV or screens at all, stuck in there with the kids going mad haha Geez got it easy these days. It’s almost a mile in length and so they’ve got a tractor cutting loops to get us from one end to the other, but the only thing Tanami really wants to do is go on the playground, which he attempts at every opportunity, running away as soon as he is out of sight.


We end up spending over 3 hours there, before finally getting back on the road for the rest of our trip, which is still over 3 hours.


We reach our final destination, St Boswells, located in the Scottish Borders. A beautiful picturesque village with probably no more than 2000, at most. We are here for 3 nights as we are house and pet sitting, an opportunity we found on the internet. We are looking after and having to walk 5 little dogs, and a beautiful 3 storey terraced house. There’s also a bothy out the back.

A bothy is like a Scottish mini studio, yet generally without facilities. I think they were mostly used for travellers to stay at for a night, just a bed under cover really. We get the surprise of our life, as we are staying in here for the first night, when we realise it is absolutely full of toys.


The lady who owns the property entertains pre school kids and puts on shows for them, and this is where she does it. Check her out on YouTube:

Music time with Pooee.


We meet her and her family, get a run down of the place, rules and what we need to know in regards to the dogs, have dinner and a rum and coke (it’s been too long since I’ve had one of those). We finally try to all fall asleep in the bothy, although Ori is much too excited and doesn’t want a bar of it, so there is plenty of attempting to convince, with very little reward, but finally about 10 she goes down.


Ewelina and I are woken up to someone banging something on the xylophone about 10 cms from my head. Less than ideal to say the least, the kids are loving in, they are in heaven with all of these new toys.


Saturday is pretty chilled out with just taking the dogs for a walk and exploring the village. There is a beautiful bookshop/deli/café across the road, so I also go and check that out having a look at some of the great books they’ve got in there, but Ewelina has already warned me no more books. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I’m in a book store, those and meat wholesalers, I can’t help myself.


Saturday night, and thankfully the kids go down easier tonight, it helps as tonight we have a few different rooms to work with and so aren’t all trying to go down at the same time.


Sunday after walking the dogs in the morning we head over to Melrose, a 10 minute drive. This is a beautiful village from the Roman times, and is in fact the birthplace of Rugby 7’s that has gone absolutely gangbusters in the last decade and is now an Olympic sport, so of course I have to go there and check out where the game started all the way back in 1883.


We get back from our little venture over to Melrose and chill out around the house as the kids sleep. Monday is Ewelina’s birthday, and so I haven’t got her anything, I duck over to the book shop and buy her a book about an Australian woman who grew up and lived in the outback in the Northern Territory, knew I’d get a book! That and some beautiful organic fragranced soap that I know Ewelina appreciates but we have never purchased beforehand.


Then we go for another family walk around the beautiful picturesque little village with it’s fields, roaming hills and many farm animals that we can see from some great vantage points along our walk.


Sunday night is pretty chilled out again. We have purposely made sure that this little section we wouldn’t do a great deal as we felt we needed a break and also because we were there to house and pet sit, and that was our primary focus.

The next few days will be hectic enough as it is as we have a big day of sightseeing and then off to Ireland.


Again, no time to proof read so there’ll be more than a few mistakes.




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