Travel diary: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Day 10-12 of the Euro trip.

Ori wakes up sick still on the morning we are to leave for the Isle of Skye.

I pack up the car which once again takes longer than I hoped or expected. We drive for an hour before catching a 45 min ferry to the Isle of Skye. We make our way to the other end of the island to check out Dunvegan castle, home to clan MacLeod. It’s actually the oldest castle in Scotland that has been continuously lived in. A beautiful setting right on the water with amazing views. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens too. It’s still the residence of the head of Clan MacLeod, so only 1 of the 3 levels is accessible. Would be pretty cool to live in a castle, like a prince. Don’t know if I could handle everyone coming into my home all the time though.

We have a few chicken rolls and coffee from the Thermos in the garden as the light rain comes down.

From here we make our way to Portree, the major town on the Island just to check it out and get more tourist information.

Finally we head to our Airbnb setup for the next 3 nights, which just happens to be a riding school as well.

We have leftover slow cooked pork, exactly the same as the night before. So convenient after a bit day of travelling not having to cook again.

We are actually staying in the old stables. No I’m not being too tight to fork out for accommodation and have made the family sleep with the animals. A lot of the old stone barns and stables are converted into guest accommodation for BnB’s over here and they are absolutely beautiful. We’ve stayed in a few and I love them, they are generally still on farms too.

Not a goodnight though. Tanami who appeared to be well on the mend becomes sick again and spews 5 times throughout the night and morning.

Sunday is pretty quiet as he spends most of the day sleeping and we catch up on washing clothes, 3 loads worth, so there are clothes everywhere trying to dry.

That evening be go into Portree to check it out a bit more and go for a walk along the beautiful pier, so picturesque. We thought about going for a beer at a pub but kids are getting restless so we head back.

Ewelina and I are both exhausted so it’s nacho’s for dinner. Quick and easy. Same story with the kids who are excited to be in another new place and are restless.

Monday and the tourist attractions are open again!

First stop, Talisker Distillery. We’ve both been waiting for this one! We arrive there just before 11 and find out there are spaces free for 11 and 12 so we take it in turns doing the tour whilst the other walks the kids.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend. We learnt so much about the process and bought ourselves a little sample pack of whisky, although I’m not a huge fan of Scotch Whisky, but when in Rome!

We decide to treat ourself to an eat out since we got stung by the bastard in Antwerp, apart from the servo burger after we had ran out of sandwiches on the afternoon of our first day back in the UK making our way to Fort William. It’s just up the road and has been recommended by a fair few people. They special in takeaway seafood but provide seating with amazing views across the valley and ocean water. We get a few little things but don’t go crazy, as we don’t want to do over do it, I’m still hungry.

After that we head off and do some more exploring if a part of the island we hadn’t yet checked out before heading home and preparing dinner, lunch and dinner the next night. We help ourselves to the whisky that we bought earlier, 3 bottles of 50mls of different whiskies, just a sampler really. I haven’t changed my mind about whisky, I dare say it’ll be a taste I acquire later in life, much like I have with beer, coffee and red wine, in that order too.

Tomorrow is off to museums, more castles and our next destination up North near Inverness. 

Who knows might even go catch this Loch Ness monster they all go on about…..

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