Travel Diary: Fort William, Scotland

Day 7-9 of the Euro trip.

The overnight ferry from Rotterdam to Hull wasn’t too bad, we got on there a bit earlier to check the ship out a bit more. Tanami didn’t want to go to sleep again, too excited that everyone was sleeping in such a confined space and want to keep climbing the ladder to the top bunks, his tantrums making it near impossible for Ori to fall asleep, but we got there in the end. A good night sleep was had by all. Ham and cheese toasted sandwiches for breakfast


We get to the first service station a bit after 11 for brunch, good effort by the kids 3 hours on the trot in the car. A record for Ori I think. Kids go WILD when finally let out and begin running around at a service centre, both of them now capable of running away. It’s a mad scene. There’s one mother by herself 2 kids about the same age maybe a little older sitting their perfectly. Meanwhile Ewelina and I are running around, eating standing up chasing our 2 crazy ones wondering why the hell aren’t ours like that?!?!

People are looking at us like we have no control or no idea. But stuffed if I know… What am I doing wrong, they’re just independent adventurous kids. Ori being able to walk thinks that she’s now entitled to walk wherever the hell she wants.

This occurred both times we stopped, so it’s not exactly like we are pulling up for a little recovery or to relax, totally the opposite.

Kids are good in the car though for the majority of the trip, we bought double screen DVD player. I insisted we needed this as the kids hadn’t done much long distance travelling in a car, well Tanami not for a while anyway. I’d say this was probably best investment, apart from sat nav, which would have been impossible to get by without.

Kids did really wel all in all, spendingl 7.5 hours in car and 10 from start to finish.

Ori ended up kicking off last hour, she didn’t stop crying, just over it or teething, so gave her some calpol. All in all if you had offered me that at the start of the trip… I’d have taken it.

We have saved a heap by eating pre packed sandwiches all day. Toasted on our maker in our little cabin through only power point, then for lunch and brunch. Finally ran out and bought some, simply had too, had no more. It hurt me knowing I’d be buying over priced and well below par food but I just don’t think we could have packed anymore than 3 meals worth of sandwiches.

Finally get to the destination, ½ an hour outside of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

Loading up the beautiful log cabin is less than ideal about 60m up a boggy track. 4 loads it took me, loaded up like a mule with Ewelina keeping the kids at bay in the cabin.

Next day we go to the GlenFinnan viaduct, made famous by the Harry Potter film. Little man falls asleep at 9:30, which is very strange and we become concerned as he didn’t wake up until 7.

We go into town plan to shop, visit the museum and print off some docs. Just finishing off and getting bread when little man spews all over himself. Crying and screaming in pain with his sickness. Vomit all over himself and the floor, staff don’t want a bar of it!

Not a bad night, but they both wake up sick at 5 on the dot. Both are sick all morning, so I go to tourist attraction Glencoe by myself, scene of the massacre, really enjoyed it and was quick but provided a lot of information.

On way home I have to pull in to buy nappies. As I get to the ferry, I see it taking off so have to go long way through town to get back, another setback for the battler.

That arvo kids are a bit better we go into Fort William, walk around then go to library to book ferry to France, Glasgow accommodation, because the host bailed on us and check out some other sites then need checking regularly.

It turns out there’s another family with Polish kids in library, they’re everywhere! Not really, she actually informs Ewelina she hasn’t met any other Polish people in Fort William and gets a bit lonely. On of her boys is 3, and both Tanami and her youngest boy are excited and go crazy playing with each other. Making a real scene in the library. Like everyone looking very disapprovingly as these kids jump all over the bean bags, throw toys at each other and chase each other around.

Now it’s Ori’s turn to be sick that night, as Tanami seems to be full of energy and has recovered. Late night preparing everything for the next leg of the trip, packing up the car, cooking dinner for that night and the next and prepping lunches. We do all of this whilst having a few local beers. We only buy 6, and thankfully we did and we are 2o miles from town, cause they were going down pretty easy after the last few days we had had with the kids…

Next stop Isle of Skye!

Nb. These travel diary entries are unedited, there will be a few mistakes.

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