Travel diary: Belgium

Day 2-6 of the Euro trip

After the kids went crazy with excitement on the ferry, we all had a really good sleep, so much so we woke up with the alarm announcement from the ship, I went to brekky, came back and the kids were still asleep!!! Ewelina and I said first time this has EVER happened. 

After a few false starts with the sat nav where we went around in circles for 15-20 mins (first time using it) we got on the road to Antwerp and only 1 hr and 20 mins and having crossed an international border we had arrived.

Hadn’t seen my cousin Robyn since our grandfathers funeral. So good to see her and finally meet the crazy husband who calls himself T-Bone. They’ve got a cute little girl who’s right in between Tanami and Oriana. 

Friday consisted of getting a feel for the neighbourhood, and all 4 having an arvo nap together. God I love when the kids go down at the same time. We also find ourself  having a few Belgian beers. Unfortunately Ewelina and I were still so exhausted we didn’t last long at all. 5/6 beers and we called it. Mind you those beers are 7/8%.

Saturday unfortunately the weather was pretty average with a bit of rain so we took the bikes to a forest nearby and let the kids run around. Tanami loves being outside, especially somewhere as interesting as a forest. 

I cooked dinner that night and as I was doing this, Ewelina put Ori down. Then it was my turn to put Tanami down as Ewelina had been trying but I wanted her to make a cucumber salad. So we swapped. About half an hour later after initially being woken up be Ewelina with Tanami rolling all over me on the mattress in the spare bedroom. The 5 or 6 beers probably didn’t help. But after this I had hit a wall, such a shame as I was keen for a few after letting Issy down the night before with my performance, which he let me know about.

Sunday we all catch a bus into town to check out Antwerp city and the main square. We decide to get some Fritz? Which are chips, which the Belgians are renowned for. After ordering we are told the price and kept help but feel admiration, we’ve absolutely been taking to the cleaners, they’ve charged like a wounded bull for chips for 5, a sausage and chicken stick. Like proper ridiculous. Then we go to the square for a beer. Tanami constantly running means all 4 of us can’t sit there civilised having a beer unfortunately. Someone always having to keep watch of Tanami and then also their little girl, but she’s nowhere near as quick at Tanami.

Get jack of that so we head to get some Belgian waffles. These are amazing. Have those on the walk, no seats, almost like a street cart. 

Everyone exhausted now so we head back to the bus stop. Tanami crashed and Ori falls asleep in my arms, as we don’t have a double pram where they can both sleep anymore. After waiting for 15-20 mins for the bus, about 5 mins from home Ori wakes up, bugger.

Few more Belgian beers, by now we’ve sampled roughly a dozen different beers, I’d say they have a lot stronger taste, some almost fruity with very rich flavours and a lot stronger in terms of alcohol, this is accompanied by a few cheeses, meats, crackers and olives on the deck outside. Jumper weather, but great none the less.

Monday is pretty chilled out as Issy and Robyn go to work and in the arvo we go to the local park which is huge. It has many attractions, but we aim for the outdoor playground with cafe/restaurant attached. Couldn’t get over it being Monday afternoon and I think there was a beer on every table as parents or grandparents watched their kids run around, just a totally different culture that I really appreciated and enjoyed. Tanami doesn’t want to leave so we have to drag him away, a scene is caused.

Tuesday is travel day, ferry leaves from Rotterdam at 9pm to go back to Hull.

Unfortunately we aren’t well prepared so takes forever to prepare food and load up car so we miss the opportunity to go into town and cost a museum I really wanted to see, devastated. Love museums, especially ones where I can learn about the local history of the people and the city and country.

Instead we take the bikes and go for a ride with the kids back to the park to have a bit more of a look around, on the way back we grab some Belgian chocolate from a place that has been highly recommended.

Finally loading up of the car, packed sandwiches for dinner and brekky the next day, not buying ferry food again, the bastards. 

Big hugs to my cousin and the little one who has been home today with a sickness, loaded up into the Citroen, Rotterdam it is as we get back on the ferry. Toasted sandwiches for dinner and hopefully kids go to sleep easier than they did on the way over here.

Next stop………….

The Scottish Highlands.

And Whisky.

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