A lesson learned from Gary Vee

It was in Poland training by myself for 2.5 months that I did a quick search on the top 10 podcasts for business podcasts, Facebook marketing podcasts and marketing in general podcasts. A name came up in all of these articles. Gary Vaynerchuk. I had never heard of this name. Why had I not heard of this name before yet he was on everyone’s list as a must listen to podcast?

I’d been listening to podcasts for a solid 2 years before that. Subjects generally based on property, entrepreneurs, business, ag and of course Tim Ferriss, author if the “4 hour work week”.

“Gary Vee” as he refers to himself owns a marketing company. What he also does is produce and push out a BUCKET load of social media content. Youtube, Instagram, twitter, podcasts, Facebook. He’s everywhere.

By all accounts he is a brilliant marketer. What his real strength is though is his work ethic and drive, the bloke comes across as a maniac who doesn’t stop. He’s always on the go hustling, if he’s awake he’s grinding. I like his stuff because it motivates me and stops me feeling sorry for myself or thinking that I’m too busy to get what it is I want to achieve, done. His message does get a bit repetitive though, so I definitely don’t listen to all of his podcasts as the same message comes through over and over and over. In saying that it is probably the most important message in order to achieve success. Believe and DO! Don’t just think about it, do it. The old “actions speak louder than words” one.

He rarely gives away many of his marketing gems. If you are looking for some help with this, check out an Aussie entrepreneur that goes by the name of Kerwin Rae. He is mint. I’ve done one of his courses/seminars, whatever you want to call it, and if you’re serious about business I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

I was listening to a Gary Vee podcast the other day as I was about to send out the first blog article I had written when he revealed some pure gold. Gary went on to say how you shouldn’t try and send people to your blog site. If you want people to read your blog, take the blog to them. Facebook is the best platform to connect with people and whilst people are on Facebook they don’t want to leave it. Post your blog in it’s entirety on Facebook. It’ll be one ridiculously long post, but people are much more inclined to read it than click through to your blog site that no one cares about. It’s just another blog site.

I took Gary Vee’s advice and the results have been overwhelming. My posts (yes 2, I accidentally posted in twice, typical battler) on Facebook in 72 hours have reached over 8 800 people and has had over 1800 people engage with it.

I copied the link for the blog, so that people could go to the website, but copy and pasted the entire post and posted that as well as one post. Had I simply put the link up, I genuinely think I would have been flat out hitting double figures. It’s a hard sell getting people to read your blog, especially your first post.

I decided to put the post from my ‘page’. It was an old Facebook Page that someone created for me around 2011/2012/. It had about 380 likes on it and there had only ever been about 10 posts on this page, if that, with the last one being back in 2014. I wanted to do this as I didn’t want to start to push out ‘content’ from the blog regularly to my 5000 ‘Facebook friends’. I think that this is definitely what other people need to consider. There’s nothing worse than someone pushing stuff on you constantly that is their passion but isn’t yours, yet they are your friends. It’s like going to social events, BBQ’s, drinks and the person wants to talk to you all the time about cars. Occasionally? Yes. Getting some advice, thoughts or recommendations, appreciated. Every single conversation? No thank you.

So if you are starting a business or blog, don’t expect all of your friends to like it or take interest in it. Do you want 400 likes but only 40 people take an interest in the content or would your prefer 60 people that genuinely are interested in the content and it always comes up in their feed and they are more inclined to engage with your posts and share, like and READ!

I then shared this page’s post from my personal account. Yes I have 5000 friends and it therefore got exposed to a wider platform initially than most people would have, but don’t think for a second you need a huge following for something to go ‘viral’ on Facebook.

Facebook encourages interaction, comments, shares and people can see when other people have liked it or been tagged in it. It’s all about social engagement. If you content is appealing it wants to help you.

I am grateful to have learned another wise little lesson simply from listening to a Gary Vee podcast. And the best thing is it was free. There is plenty of great free content and advice you can find with podcasts, blogs, youtube and magazines articles on Facebook from Inc, Entrpreneur and plenty more.

Gary Vee

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